If you have missed OCCAM 2012, here is the chance to watch and listen to the videos taken from most of the talks.
We hope they will call your interest to OCCAM 2013 (29-31 May 2013) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Bethge, Matthias: The unsolved mystery of neural information processing – taming the curse of dimensionality
Ehinger, Benedikt: Early effects in visual category learning
Engel, Andreas: Spectral fingerprints of cognitive processing
Ernst, Marc: Recalibration of the senses
Goebel, Rainer: Cracking the functional code of the brain at multiple levels of organization
Goebel, Rainer: Entschlüsselung neuronaler Aktivitätsmuster in Echtzeit: Von der Grundlagenforschung zu klinischen Gehirn-Computer-Schnittstellen (public talk)
Herrmann, Christoph: Modulating brain oscillations interferes with cognitive processes
Hirsch, Judith: Inhibitory circuits for visual processing in Thalamus
Löwel, Siegrid: The dynamic architecture of the adult visual cortex: age-dependent plasticity and recovery from lesions
Magri, Cesare: The information content of local field potentials
Obermayer, Klaus: Risk-sensitive reinforcement learning
Ossandón, José Pablo: Unmasking the contribution of low-level features to the guidance of attention
Pipa, Gordon: Multi-scale neuronal information processing
Rollinger, Claus: Introduction speech „public talk“ on 5 June
Rothkopf, Constantin: Visuomotor behavior in naturalistic tasks: from receptive fields to value functions
Sigala, Natasha: Hierarchical representation of information in the lateral prefrontal cortex
Tallon-Baudry, Catherine: The links between attention and visual awareness
Tkačik, Gašper: Statistical mechanics for a network of real neurons
Toutounji, Hazem: Neuronal plasticity leads to noise robust population code
Wichmann, Felix: A neural population code model for human visual pattern detection


For the complete video presentation (offering different download options), please have a look at Lernfunk.de (the media portal of the University of Onabrück).