Please find below the contributions to this year’s poster session.
We hope to call your interest to OCCAM 2013 (29-31 May 2013) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Acerbi, Luigi: Internal representations of temporal statistics and feedback calibrate motor-sensory interval timing
Afzari, Zaeinab: The effect of culture on left-right asymmetries in overt attention
Bitzer, Sebastian: Stable representations of dynamic stimuli in perceptual decision making
de-Wit, Lee: Bi-stable gestalts reduce activity in the whole of V1 not just the retinotopically predicted parts
Ehinger, Benedikt: 100ms to category-selectivity: Response patterns in occipitotemporal cortex as a result of extensive category learning
Goeke, Caspar: Investigating reference frame proclivities in a virtual navigation task
Hartmann, Christoph: Real-time inverse dynamics learning for musculoskeletal robots based on echo state Gaussian process regression
Khalid, Shah: Sub-cortical human face processing: Evidence from masked priming
Kietzmann, Tim: Selectivity for mirror-symmetric views of faces in the ventral and dorsal streams of the human visual system
Kirt, Toomas: Evolutionary parameter estimation for integrate-and-fire neural networks
Kluth, Tobias: Slow features between invariance and selectivity
Korhonen, Onerva: Optimal cortical parcellations for M/EEG based interaction mapping
Kröger, Bernd Joachim: The brain as an information processing system for speech production, speech perception, and speech acquisition: Cognitive and sensorimotor aspects
Märtin, Robert: The integration of sensory and motor data in a hierarchical neural network optimizing temporal stability
Maier, Paul: Bayesian inference mechanisms for the integration of sensory input, symbolic cues and prior experience
Martens, Ulla: Segregating brain responses to stimuli constituting natural scenes
Melnik, Andrei: Self-organized hierarchical information processing system based on context categorization and predictions of consequences of self-actions
Nortmann, Nora: Primary visual cortex represents the difference in orientation content within rapid stimulus sequences
Prashant, Joshi: On the role of intrinsic plasticity as a plausible mechanism for cortico-cortical information transmission
Rouhinen, Santeri: Cortical gamma-band oscillations reflect perceptual binding
Wilmer, Andreas: A magnetoencephalographic investigation of processing biological motion in the human brain
Ziesche, Arnold: Multimodal benefits in unimodal speech perception – a dynamic Bayesian model